Author Jackie CharleyJackie Charley, BSc (Hons), NLP Practitioner, Cert (Tesol), IBPDA

Jackie Charley is a best selling author and keynote speaker, a Psychology graduate, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. Her work focuses on process addictions, confident parenting, change management and personal development. She is a member of the International Business Personal Development Association.

After qualifying with a 1st class honours degree in the Psychology of Human Communication, her love of all things psycholinguistic has taken her on quite a journey. From teaching English as a Foreign Language and IT to the terrified, she has gone on to discover the power and effectiveness of body language in improving teacher-pupil and parent-child relationships.  In 2010 she qualified as an NLP Practitioner and has worked with clients both on a face-to-face basis and online. She has now turned her attention to coaching and educating parents so that they can discover the amazing potential both within themselves and their children.

Jackie lives with her husband and two sons in the lovely Scottish Borders, along with their lively dog, Tchai, and a gaggle of crazy chickens.  Her continuing passion is to see people discover their freedom, and believes that life should always be lived with a mischievous sense of fun.

Author Interview

Author Jackie Charley interviewed by Samantha Fury