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Confident Parenting Reviews“Excellent. Very practical but well-grounded in research. You have done a great job and I think that the personal anecdotes bring the text to life and enable the reader to connect with your real experiences. It is clear that you are writing from life and not just theory.”

Dr Mary Howard, Dip.SpLD, M.Ed, Ph.D., AMBda, Dip. O.T.

Consultant in Specific Learning Disabilities.

Whether you are beginning to feel you are losing your way as a parent, or you just want to step back and think through how you are doing, this book could be a very useful first port of call. I read this and picked up some very helpful new insights, not just about how I interact with my child, but also about how I view myself. It’s an interesting mix of down-to-earth practical tips and theoretical/psychological insights into the dynamics of parent-child relationships, all thoroughly backed up by in-depth research. It’s also bang up to date with highly relevant sections on cyber-issues. For me its main strength is its light touch. It’s written in a straightforward style with touches of humour and steers clear of value-judgements. The reader is led on a journey of self-discovery at the end of which you will feel set free to be the sort of parent you want to be.

Sally Sutcliffe


What a fascinating read! This is not just, yet another parenting guide full of the authors’ own pet theories. Jackie Charley and Greg Nazvanov have succeeded in producing a practical, extremely readable book which is based on research, and which seeks to offer fad-free advice to parents of children of all ages.  In their own words, they are `passionate to see people wake up to their own potential’. I would recommend this book to everyone whose aim it is to parent from a position of empowerment and confidence.

Helen Sinclair

This was a refreshing read! Unlock the cage is not like other parenting books that teach a certain parenting philosophy. It rather empowers and challenges parents to become the best parents they can be. The cage is a self created prison of our old limiting beliefs and emotions and we ourselves have the key! The solution is not on focusing on getting our kids to behave, but a holistic focus on our children’s lives as well as our own, as we are their most influential role models. How we can communicate with them effectively and raise them to be leaders. This book also covers important modern-day parenting issues such as: health, drugs, bullies, cellphones, social media, money management, working mums. There is a lot to learn here, a very enjoyable read, non biased and will make you think.

Melissa J Magnus


Unlock the cage is a great reference book for all parents. It focuses on working out our values and the very purpose of parenting. It gives practical tools to let go of limiting beliefs and covers a range of issues of dealing with common parenting issues such as the use of technology, risk taking and social media. What is refreshing about the book is the way it does not dictate what to do, which is so common in parenting books but takes us on a journey of finding our own way as a parent. I will use this book as a tool in my role as an educational psychologist but most importantly in my role of being a parent.

The Why Parent

(Dr L Mallory, Educational Psychologist & Parent Coach)

I’ve spent the last four decades with children and their parents and would have been delighted to come across this book earlier in my life. It is well written and full of good common sense. The style engages with the reader and encourages us to reflect upon our feelings and our reactions to the children in our care, without ever patronising or lecturing us. Rather, it boosts confidence in our own parenting instincts. I’d recommend it to parents who are facing the many demands of family life. It is both helpful and reassuring.

Caroline Smith (Retired Teacher)

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