Unlock the Cage book cover

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Table of Contents

Part I. Who has the Keys?
Chapter 1. It’s all about you
Chapter 2. What is your cage?
The crazy world of parenting
Whose map are you reading?
Chapter 3. Who has the keys?
You have the keys
Parenthood makes you happier

Part II. Stepping Out of the Cage
Chapter 4. Health
Should parents drink in front of the kids?
Should we let grandma smoke?
Process addiction: the secret enemy
Should you let your child be a vegetarian?
Bipolar disorder on the increase
Depression and suicide
What happens when we beat the kids?
The cost of social exclusion
Are pets the new teachers?
Shouting is bad for your health
Chapter 5. Behaviour
Kids know best
Should you leave a child to cry?
Why ‘smacking’ is good for your child
Should young girls wear makeup?
Should kids play with guns?
Mobile Phones: the good, the bad and the ugly
The benefits of other social media
The bully equation
How to raise a smarter child
Where do the elderly fit in?
Chapter 6. Development
Should we protect kids from sex?
Should we allow underage kids to choose a religion?
How to communicate better with your kids
Boomerang kids
Chapter 7. Money
Why money matters
Change your perception and teach your kids to do the same
Should children work before they’re 16?
Preparing for the future
Ten top tips for teaching money to kids
How to get rich – have a child!
Healthy people make more money
Chapter 8. Shaping the Family
A complicated web
The rise of the social dad
Are working mums bad mums?
Siblings: are you sure they’re both yours?
How does same sex parenting affect the kids?
Whose side is the law on?
When’s the best time to have children?
Should parenting be taught?
Love-hate relationships
Are we creating a future codependent?
How can your child become a leader?

Part III. Enjoying the Freedom
Chapter 9. Enjoying the Freedom
Do the kids hold you back?
How to make more time for yourself
What to do when you’re stuck
Where next?
How to be a kid again
You have what it takes