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Welcome to Unlock the Cage’s blog.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us during the book launch. It was fantastic, and the book reached number one on several of Amazon’s Best Seller lists!

If you haven’t got your copy yet please visit Amazon to pick one up. The link for UK purchases is amazon.co.uk and US/global purchases is amazon.com.

Please let me know in the comments box below what you thought of the book.

What part made the biggest impact on you?

What one thing would you pick out to pass on to others?

What would you have liked more information about?

Your feedback is very welcome. Thank you.

Please visit our Facebook page Unlock the Cage. If you enjoy the posts please ‘Like’ the page and jump into the discussions. I’d love to catch up with you there.

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  1. Graham
    4 years ago

    Congrats on getting to Amazon best seller list. Keep up the great work inspiring us parents to believe in ourselves, and so help our kids to be confident to.

  2. Jackie Charley
    4 years ago

    Thanks Graham. We’re all a work in progress, so we may as well enjoy the work I guess!

  3. Cindi
    4 years ago

    Congratulations Jackie!!!

    Wishing you continued success……

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